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epertoire - Studio RAD - Cindi A. Jobe - Salt Lake City, Utah

Join us @ RAD for:

First Friday 
Art Walk Events: 5-8 pm
the first Friday of each month in downtown Missoula

December 4th 
alley carter
stephanie colley
dean foster
halisia hubbard
beth huhtala
paydn humble
elaine kelly
max mahn
josh masias
clayton mcdougall
bryce peery
carly prentice
kimberly randall
david sampson
wilson smith
david tarullo
lindsey tucker
melissa unger

and continuing 

Terrel Jones' 

Declining Nudes

and the figurative work of:

Nancy Zadra 
Judy Cockrell
Jim Sylvester 
Christina Rothe
Antonia Wolf
Shawn Bell Smith
Genevieve Anderson
Lindsey Tucker
Emily Flynn
Anna Lala Demaree
McCalle Fenner
Steven Holloway
Joey Burke
Dennis Althoff
Chris Willis
Cindi A. Jobe
Julie Linville
Elaine Davis 


Recent Shows
September 4th - Heart and Soul of Missoula

October 2nd - Lands Alive - featuring Barb Schwarz Karst's energy landscapes

November 6th - Embodied featuring Terrel Jones' "Declining Nudes", and the figurative work of more than a dozen other artists. 

Upcoming shows: 

December 4th
CLANDESTINE -  curated by Josh Taira

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