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Time for a change...
Closing Repertoire
Embodied - Figurative Show opens Nov 6th
Lands Alive - by Barb Schwarz Karst


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My Blog

Time for a change...

New digs, new projects, new way of making art...

I have always had some form of studio in my home. Sometimes it has also served as a gallery. But this time I have a studio space and a work space to create small, create large, create messy, spread out, or work quietly with a cat on my lap. Life is good. Stay tuned for updates... Cindi :-)

Private Studio RAD
633 Chestnut St. 
Missoula, MT 59801

Closing Repertoire

I am closing our "brick and mortar" downtown Missoula location...
Only 10 days left
 to shop at RAD. 

Last Day is 
Christmas Eve - 24th from 11-2. 

Read the attached "scroll" for details :-)

Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year! 


in addition to our continuing show, Embodied - 
I am also excited to share the following show on 
First Friday, Dec 4th 
 one night only at RAD:

clandestine @ repertoire
showcasing contemporary art hand picked by yours truly - josh taira
 prints, photos, paintings, installation. 
it's all here. come get it.

Embodied - Figurative Show opens Nov 6th

C'est La Vie - Terrel Jones

Opening November 6 
First Friday 5-8 pm

Exhibit runs:
November 6, 2015 through 
December 31 2015

As we explore figurative and spiritual aspects of the human experience, we strive to attach a tangible or visible form to the idea of living. This exhibit “embodies” the exquisite qualities of the human figure, challenging the mind to connect with its own spirituality and sensibilities. As seen through diverse art mediums and abstract imaginings, this impressive collection of artists and their figurative works explore the human journey we call life.

Lands Alive - by Barb Schwarz Karst

Join us at RAD for 
Lands Alive
Opening night 
Oct 2nd   5-8 pm 
downtown Missoula

(above) Barb in her studio with Lands Alive series

Show runs October 1 – October 24, 2015, Missoula, Montana for:

Lands Alive, an exhibition of oil paintings, by Missoula artistBarb Schwarz Karst, which depicts abstract energyscapes based on ecological narratives including geologic structures and natural vitalities, will be on display atRepertoire Art & Designfrom October 1 through October 24, 2015.

Heart & SOUL of MisSOULa show

Our ONE Year Anniversary show is finally here! 
is trending the entire month of September! Visit the gallery to enjoy the diverse selection of work by a vast number of artists inspired by Missoula itself. You can also vote for your favorite and qualify to win a $100 gift certificate to the gallery. 

Photo Op

is rocking our world at 
RAD through August 8th with its opening July 3rd, 
and another First Friday celebration for the closing August 7th from 5-8 p.m.

From Abstraction to Realism - we have six fabulous photographers on tap for this one-of-a-kind photography show. 

Flori Engbrecht, Rick Evans, Steven Holloway, Shawn Bell Smith, Josh Taira, and Antonia Wolf. 

Join us for another First Friday on August 7th from 5-8 pm. 
One night is just not enough for this fabulous show!

"Sculpture is RAD!"

"Sculpture is RAD!"
highlighting the work of Dennis Althoff, Matt Meredith and Jim Meredith in metal, leather, wood, and bronze. 

This dynamic three dimensional show is up through the month of June for your enjoyment. Take the opportunity to see birds in flight, heron's hunting, fish swimming, and more! 

May First Friday - RAD



5-8 PM! 

Artist's Studios #outofthebox


All of us have different places, spaces, materials, environments, processes and inspirations that mold our work. I want to put together an installation that highlights the good, the bad, and the creative  that happens in our studios. Submit yours A.S.A.P for the Summer mini installation #outofthebox on the artist submission page of this website by May 15th to be included. 
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